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Make Money Online Without Investment

Who doesn't want to have cash in their hands quickly? If one is creative and confident about their skills and have patience goggling around, then making money online won’t be tough. If you are one of those who are looking for extra cash, let me tell you internet has some very quick ways to make money fast without going anywhere. You can choose your work according to your skills and work at your own comfort. There are numerous online jobs available, where less time spend to earn more, but one must be smart enough to find the right one. All you need is to be active online and have a fast PC connection. But one must be careful about the scams around, as everything online is not genuine.

Tips to make money online

There are many famous sites which allow you to make money, either by writing or entering data. You need to do...

1: Submit your work on time.
2: Keep updated with projects.
3: Touch with clients.

make money online
Make money online

Content Writing Jobs

Many companies now a day’s outsourcing work to new writers for up to $10 per writings. Online writing jobs is a good option for earning money. Though it is the toughest way, as one has to write continuously for months to get high traffic. But once people get interested in reading the blog they will return again and again and you can earn for the popularity. It needs a lot of patience.

Data Entry Working Sites

You can earn money online from data entry jobs from home sites like Imagetypers, Kolatibablo, and Q link captchas allow you to earn 150 dollars a month just by typing captchas. If you can easily type around 1000 captchas in an hour your rate can go up from 85 cents to anywhere 1.25 dollars. But here is the catch, avoid typing in wrong captchas, as it can suspend your account and decrease your rate. You do not need to have super knowledge of computers to start this job. Just install few applications and you are good to go. You can surely invest 2 hours to earn $2 per day.


Blogs are the best place to make money online. You can make money blogging. You need not investment to blog. There are lots of free blog available in net like blogger.com, wordpress.com, etc. You can sign up those types of blogs and start earning.

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