How to earn money from captcha

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of challenge-response test to ensure that the respondent is only carried by humans and not by computers. In simple words, CAPTCHA is the word verification test to login or sign up (register) as sign up on email or online forums. This is one application of the Turing Test methods initiated by Alan Turing in 1950. CAPTCHA point is to ensure that the form filler (eg e-mail) is actually a man. The computer program will have difficulty in deciphering the letters crooked or overlapping human while still with (somewhat) easier to read. Here's an example of the captcha.

How to make money through CAPTCHA?

Earn money just by typing CAPTCHA, this job certainly does not need any investment, all it takes are a computer and internet connection. Work online captcha typing is a way to make few amount of money via internet. Captcha typing is not a "work today, be rich tomorrow", basically all kind of work had to be occupied first. Agree? :p 

This job is suitable for: 
  1. Housewives who have time to spare 
  2. Employees who want additional income 
  3. Students, for extra pocket money 
  4. People who love to spend time in front of computer 
For your information, there are many companies that require workers to decode captcha that can't be done by computer. Means only human who can do it. One company of the famous and proven pay is Megatypers

Megatypers pays every single Captcha that you type correctly. Nowadays, Megatypers is the Captcha company that become favorite for the online workers. You will be paid per 1000 correct captcha with rate range about $0.55-$1.3. High or low rate adjusted to your working hours. 

Each captcha shown have 15 seconds to be solved. If more than that, you will be given a warning. But don't worry, in average, we can finish one captcha less than 10 seconds. Every captcha that has been typed will be reviewed, where if we typed wrong, the estimated balance will be deducted. So, don't make lots of mistakes. 

You can estimate how much you can earn from this captcha work. The more you type, the more you earn. For example, if a day you type 1000 captcha at the rate of $0.8 (average), then in a month you could earn $0.8 x 30 = $24! 1000 captcha is not difficult, you can finished it less than 2 hours 

You will be paid once a week. They pay you via Paypal, Liberty Reserve, or Western Union. For PayPal and LR, minimum payment is $3, while if you use Western Union, you must wait til $100. The payment will bw processed every Monday (server time). So, if your balance still less than $3 on Monday, you won't be paid that time but next week when your balance reach $3. 

For those who do not already have a PayPal account click here 

For those who do not already have a Liberty Reserve account click here 

Then how to register in 

How to apply for registration with Megatypers is by going to its web and sign up. You need one valid email. One computer can only have one account, if you create more than one you will be banned. When you register, you will be prompted to enter an invitation code. You cannot sign up without invitation code. The invitation code that can be used are 5UPN, 682D, or 682E. 

For anyone who still confused, please comment on this post :) 

And for who already join captcha work, safe harvesting your dollar!! :)

How to earn money from your website

Making Money From Advertising

If you look at many websites, you will probably notice that there are banner advertisements displayed on most pages. If you are a newcomer to the scene, you might think that you must either be a company or that your site must be famous before you can get advertisers, just as it is the case in hard copy publications.
In reality, anyone with a website can get advertisers. While it is true that if your site is well-known, you may get companies contacting you to offer to advertise on your site, you can get advertising revenue even if you are just starting out and your site is relatively unknown.
The way to do this is to join as an "affiliate" of various companies or sites, either directly, or through an affiliate network. An affiliate network is simply an intermediary with whom you can sign up to get advertisers (as opposed to dealing with individual companies separately).

Payment Schemes

Before joining any program, you should probably be aware of the different payment schemes available.
  1. Pay Per Impression (CPM)

    Here, you are paid according to the number of times the advertiser's banner is displayed on your site. The amount you earn is typically calculated based on the number of thousand impressions of the banner (impressions = number of times the banner is displayed), often abbreviated CPM (cost per thousand, with the M being the Latin numeral for thousand). That is, $5 CPM means that you get paid $5 for 1,000 displays of the banner. In general, the amount paid is usually small, but it is easy to earn since every-time a visitor loads the page, you earn. This is known as a "high conversion rate".
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

    When you are paid per click, you are only paid when visitors click the advertiser's banner on your site. The amount paid is usually higher than the pay per impression scheme. Whether you get a high conversion rate here depends on the banner (whether it attracts people to click it), although in general, it has a higher conversion rate than the pay per sale method. A high traffic site will probably enjoy a higher click rate than a lower traffic site, although you will probably get better results if your banners are carefully selected to suit the target audience of your site.
  3. Pay Per Sale or Lead (sometimes referred to as Cost Per Action, or CPA)

    While you will probably get the highest payment rates with this method, it has the lowest conversion rate of the three schemes. You will only earn if your visitors click through the banner and either purchase an item from the advertiser or take some other prescribed action (eg, sign up for a service). Like the Pay Per Click method, you get much better results if you carefully select your advertisers to suit the target audience of your site.

Where to Find Affiliate Programs

You can find a list of affiliate programs and affiliate networks on's Affiliate Program page at
To join an affiliate network or program, simply go to the site and complete their online application form. Some programs will give you instant approval while others require a human to check out your application before it is approved. Once it is approved, you'll be given some HTML code which you can cut and paste into your web page. Note that some affiliate networks and programs will not accept you unless you have your own domain name. If you are planning to earn from your site, you should seriously consider registering your own domain name.

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

How should you choose an affiliate program? My suggestion is not to choose a program according to the payment scheme, but rather according to the kind of people who are likely to visit your website. For example, if you are targeting parents on your site, links to affiliates with educational software, books and the like may generate more revenue than banners that link to web hosting companies. The most important rule of choosing an affiliate program is to know your target audience.
Another point to consider is whether you really want to join every single affiliate program that comes your way. Some studies suggest that sites that make the most money from affiliate programs are affiliates of only a small handful of programs. Furthermore, concentrating your advertisements from one network may allow you to be paid faster. If you advertise for hundreds of different affiliate networks on your site, you may end up earning only (say) a few dollars per month from each network. If your advertiser's minimum payment amount is higher than what you can earn each month, it may take you a long time before you accrue enough to be paid.
On the other hand, that formula does not necessarily hold true for every site (or every page on your site, for that matter). For example, if your site has a particular theme, and an affiliate network only supports one or two suitable advertisers, you might want to sign up for a few affiliate networks so as to get a greater number of relevant advertisers. After all, advertisements that are relevant to your audience are more effective than general advertisements. (What's the point of putting banners from only one affiliate if nobody is going to click them?)

Automated Context-Sensitive Advertising

One of the latest trends in website sponsorship is to sign up with an advertising network like Google Ad-sense The advertising network automatically checks your web page and determines the most relevant advertisement for the page.
The theory is that you get advertisements targeted at the interests of your visitors without much effort from you. As mentioned earlier, targeted ads tend to result in better performance and returns. In practice though, you are ceding control of the advertisements that appear on your site with the occasional bad result. If your site is supposed to be family friendly like, you'll probably still end up spending time weeding out undesirable advertisements by logging into the network's system and blocking some adverts ("ads" in US English). This of course assumes that the advertising network gives you enough granularity of control. It also assumes that the offending advertisement happened to appear when you visited your site so that you actually know that it was used on your pages.
(In case you're wondering what I'm talking about: the adverts shown tend to be different for every visitor, depending on the ads available at that time, his/her location in the world, and which sites he/she has visited in the past. As such, with this method, what you see may not be what your visitor sees, making it impossible for you to know for sure what is on your site for any particular visitor.)

How to earn money as a kid

Since I've started blogging, I have had more than a few people ask me how they too can make money from blogging.
It’s easy to look at people who have risen to fame and prominence by building a high-profile, money-making blog and think “Hey, I can do that, too.”
You might not become the next Alibhaijan but if you play your cards right, you can start to pull in an income from your blog.
Whether the income is enough to allow you to quit a full-time job depends on a number of different factors. No matter how much you end up making, creating a blog that you find exciting is one of the fun ways to make money online.
There are a few different ways you can make money from blogging. I recommend using a combination of income-generating methods.
Some techniques might work for one type of blog, but not another, so it’s a good idea to try several to see what generates the most revenue for you.


When it comes to putting advertisements on your blog to generate income, Google’s Ad Sense is often the top pick for bloggers. It’s simple to use and doesn't require you to have a great amount of technical know-how.
To put an Ad Sense ad on your blog, you pretty much just have to copy and paste the code.
It’s also one of the biggest advertising networks available, so you’ll have a wide range of advertisers to work with. That also means that you can make money from it even if your blog falls into a pretty obscure niche.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program allows you to earn a portion of sales when people click-through from your blog to and make a purchase.
You only earn money when people buy something from the web giant and the amount you earn varies based on what people order and how many people purchase through your links.
The Associates program works best for people whose blog focuses on products and shopping in someway. You’ll earn more money if people are in a shopping mood when they visit your site.

Other Affiliate Programs

While Amazon’s affiliate marketing program might be one of the biggest out there, it’s definitely not the only one available.
Depending the topic of your blog and the amount of traffic you get, you can participate in any number of other marketing programs. Some marketing programs only want blogs that have a high traffic volume, so you might have to wait and build your audience before signing up.
As your blog grows, fun ways to make money online can include reaching out to small companies whose products you trust and use to see if they would like to set up an affiliate marketing program with you.
You would post a link to their product on your blog and if someone clicks through your blog to their site and orders it, you would get a portion of the sale.

Private Sponsorship's

As your blog becomes more established, you can start to find ways to make more money through private ad sales and sponsorship's.
Unlike Ad-sense ads, private ads don’t just come to you. You’ll have to go out and find them, much like the advertising staff of a magazine approaches companies about placing ads in their pages.
To sell private ads, you’ll need to convince the company that your blog has a sufficient amount of traffic. You’ll also need to show the company that your blog’s topic is a good fit for whatever service or product they offer.


When you blog, you provide people with information for free. One way to expand on the information you give people and make money doing it is to write an e-book and sell it on your blog.
Ideally, your e-book will connect with the content on your blog and expand on it in some way. People won’t want to pay money for content you've previously given away.
For example, if you have a cooking blog, your e-book could be a short cookbook featuring previously unpublished recipes.
The recipes could have been tested by a group of people before publishing and not available anywhere else.

Personal Appearances and Speaking Fees

If your blog really becomes popular, you might be able to expand your income opportunities beyond the web and into the real world.
Some bloggers get paid to appear at conferences or to give readings to the public.
You might not get paid to give a speech at first, but as your blog becomes more well-known and respected, organizations might offer you some money to say a few words.

Offer Exclusivity

Once your blog has an established readership, you can expand your income-generating opportunities further by offering memberships to your website.
People can pay a yearly or monthly amount to gain access to exclusive content on your blog, to participate in forums, or to receive a monthly newsletter from you.
Starting a members-only portion of your blog lets your readers feel special while it makes you some extra money.
The most important thing to remember when starting your blog is that you won’t become a millionaire overnight. Many bloggers are excited to bring in just a few dollars a month.
It takes a considerable amount of focus and dedication to your blog to turn into a project that generates a significant amount of income.
Kelly Anderson is a financial planner who blogs about financial advice you can use in your everyday life.

Earn money online

Make Money Online Without Investment

Who doesn't want to have cash in their hands quickly? If one is creative and confident about their skills and have patience goggling around, then making money online won’t be tough. If you are one of those who are looking for extra cash, let me tell you internet has some very quick ways to make money fast without going anywhere. You can choose your work according to your skills and work at your own comfort. There are numerous online jobs available, where less time spend to earn more, but one must be smart enough to find the right one. All you need is to be active online and have a fast PC connection. But one must be careful about the scams around, as everything online is not genuine.

Tips to make money online

There are many famous sites which allow you to make money, either by writing or entering data. You need to do...

1: Submit your work on time.
2: Keep updated with projects.
3: Touch with clients.

make money online
Make money online

Content Writing Jobs

Many companies now a day’s outsourcing work to new writers for up to $10 per writings. Online writing jobs is a good option for earning money. Though it is the toughest way, as one has to write continuously for months to get high traffic. But once people get interested in reading the blog they will return again and again and you can earn for the popularity. It needs a lot of patience.

Data Entry Working Sites

You can earn money online from data entry jobs from home sites like Imagetypers, Kolatibablo, and Q link captchas allow you to earn 150 dollars a month just by typing captchas. If you can easily type around 1000 captchas in an hour your rate can go up from 85 cents to anywhere 1.25 dollars. But here is the catch, avoid typing in wrong captchas, as it can suspend your account and decrease your rate. You do not need to have super knowledge of computers to start this job. Just install few applications and you are good to go. You can surely invest 2 hours to earn $2 per day.


Blogs are the best place to make money online. You can make money blogging. You need not investment to blog. There are lots of free blog available in net like,, etc. You can sign up those types of blogs and start earning.