How to earn money from captcha

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of challenge-response test to ensure that the respondent is only carried by humans and not by computers. In simple words, CAPTCHA is the word verification test to login or sign up (register) as sign up on email or online forums. This is one application of the Turing Test methods initiated by Alan Turing in 1950. CAPTCHA point is to ensure that the form filler (eg e-mail) is actually a man. The computer program will have difficulty in deciphering the letters crooked or overlapping human while still with (somewhat) easier to read. Here's an example of the captcha.

How to make money through CAPTCHA?

Earn money just by typing CAPTCHA, this job certainly does not need any investment, all it takes are a computer and internet connection. Work online captcha typing is a way to make few amount of money via internet. Captcha typing is not a "work today, be rich tomorrow", basically all kind of work had to be occupied first. Agree? :p 

This job is suitable for: 
  1. Housewives who have time to spare 
  2. Employees who want additional income 
  3. Students, for extra pocket money 
  4. People who love to spend time in front of computer 
For your information, there are many companies that require workers to decode captcha that can't be done by computer. Means only human who can do it. One company of the famous and proven pay is Megatypers

Megatypers pays every single Captcha that you type correctly. Nowadays, Megatypers is the Captcha company that become favorite for the online workers. You will be paid per 1000 correct captcha with rate range about $0.55-$1.3. High or low rate adjusted to your working hours. 

Each captcha shown have 15 seconds to be solved. If more than that, you will be given a warning. But don't worry, in average, we can finish one captcha less than 10 seconds. Every captcha that has been typed will be reviewed, where if we typed wrong, the estimated balance will be deducted. So, don't make lots of mistakes. 

You can estimate how much you can earn from this captcha work. The more you type, the more you earn. For example, if a day you type 1000 captcha at the rate of $0.8 (average), then in a month you could earn $0.8 x 30 = $24! 1000 captcha is not difficult, you can finished it less than 2 hours 

You will be paid once a week. They pay you via Paypal, Liberty Reserve, or Western Union. For PayPal and LR, minimum payment is $3, while if you use Western Union, you must wait til $100. The payment will bw processed every Monday (server time). So, if your balance still less than $3 on Monday, you won't be paid that time but next week when your balance reach $3. 

For those who do not already have a PayPal account click here 

For those who do not already have a Liberty Reserve account click here 

Then how to register in 

How to apply for registration with Megatypers is by going to its web and sign up. You need one valid email. One computer can only have one account, if you create more than one you will be banned. When you register, you will be prompted to enter an invitation code. You cannot sign up without invitation code. The invitation code that can be used are 5UPN, 682D, or 682E. 

For anyone who still confused, please comment on this post :) 

And for who already join captcha work, safe harvesting your dollar!! :)

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